Plastics Flammability Handbook

Principles, Regulations, Testing, and Approval

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None of the many publications on the reaction of plastics to fire provides a comprehensive review...Mehr
Plastics Flammability Handbook
None of the many publications on the reaction of plastics to fire provides a comprehensive review of the fundamentals as well as of the relevant regulations and test methods. The "Plastics Flammability Handbook", first published in 1983, has filled this gap.
The last decade saw a breakthrough in the internationalization of fire testing and classification, particularly in building, electrical engineering, and transportation. At the same time, the perception of how to assess the main parameters governing a fire and the role of combustible materials like plastics were redefined and led to new approaches, particularly in the fields of smoke development and toxicity of fire effluents. All these developments required a comprehensive revision of the handbook and are summarized in this 3rd updated and completely revised edition.

I Fundamentals
- Introduction and Market Situation
- The Burning Process and Enclosure Fires
- The Burning of Plastics
- Flame Retardant Plastics
- Textiles
- Smoke Development and Suppression

II National and International Fire Protection Regulations and Test Procedures
- Methodology of Fire Testing
- Regulations and Testing
- Building
- Transportation
- Electrical Engineering
- Furniture and Furnishings

III Fire Effluents
- Smoke Development of Fire Effluents
- Toxicity of Fire Effluents
- Corrosivity of Fire Effluents

IV Appendix
- Supplies of Flame Retardants and Smoke Suppressants
- Abbreviations
- Terminology of Fire Protection
- Standards Organizations
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