Understanding Injection Mold Design

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Today, most molders, but also many mold makers specialize in certain areas. There are specialists...Mehr
Understanding Injection Mold Design
Today, most molders, but also many mold makers specialize in certain areas. There are specialists for thin wall molding, screw caps, large beverage container crates, pre-forms for PET bottles, small gears, and many others. But regardless of size and type of the product to be injection molded, whether small or large, with single or multiple cavities, or who designs or builds the mold, the basic mold design principles are always the same.

These basic design principles for good mold design are the focus of this text. The designer will not find elaborate drawings of existing molds, instead he/she will learn about the many factors, which must be considered when successfully designing a mold.


Starting New in the Mold Design Field
Basics of the Injection Molding Machine
Understanding the Basics of the Injection Mold
Before Starting to Design a Mold
Review and Follow-Up
Typical Examples
Estimating Mold Costs
Machining, Mold Materials, and Heat Treatment
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