Custom Molding of Thermoset Elastomers

A Comprehensive Approach to Materials, Mold Design, and Processing

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The book covers chemistry of thermoset elastomers, but only to the extent needed for...Mehr
Custom Molding of Thermoset Elastomers
The book covers chemistry of thermoset elastomers, but only to the extent needed for understanding how to process them through a manufacturing environment and how they react in various manufacturing methods. The focus of the book is to provide in-depth coverage of tooling, processing, and secondary operations that can improve manufacturing efficiencies. Detailed and easy to understand diagrams display specific conditions and how they can be improved upon. Innovative ideas and solutions are shared and discussed.
1. Introduction to Rubber Chemistry
2. Compounding, Mixing and Equipment
3. Materials
4. Product Design
5. Material Testing for Rubber
6. Polymer Flow
7. Molding Methods
8. Compression Molding
9. Transfer Molding
10. Injection Molding
11. LSR
12. Secondary Operations and Additional Methods
13. Rubber Molding Processing
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