Running Today's Factory

A Proven Strategy for Lean Manufacturing

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Running Today's Factory by Charles Standard and Dale Davis presents a proven approach to...Mehr
Running Today's Factory
Running Today's Factory by Charles Standard and Dale Davis presents a proven approach to manufacturing management using scientific reasoning, clever analogies, and practical case examples. It strips away the mystery of lean manufacturing and provides clear principles for running today's factory. The authors use their extensive experience to illustrate how lean thinking leads to good manufacturing decisions that can be backed up with sound scientific reasoning.
The manufacturing strategies presented are appropriate for any size company including small and mid-size factories. These strategies are based on years of manufacturing experience and the best scientific research available, and they can be applied to virtually any "production" situation to help today's factory gain and maintain a competitive advantage for today and tomorrow.
Running Today's Factory toes a fine line between providing a theoretical treatment of lean concepts and providing intuitive case examples. And it does this very successfully! The authors summarize some very complex concepts of 'factory physics' in simple terms that help us to understand scientifically why lean manufacturing works?. If you want to go beyond blindly copying the tools of others, and move toward understanding the principles of lean manufacturing, this book is for you."
- From the Foreword by Jeffrey K. Liker
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